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February 2020
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Commodore Comments
2020 Wind Ceremony
The PERFORMANCE by Swami and the Festoons for the Wind Ceremony has been POSTPONED until a date that is suitable with our current circumstances. HOWEVER, the chairs for the Wind Ceremony (with people sitting in them) will be at the beach from 3pm to 5pm on March 28th to hand out shirts with recordings of Swami and the Festoons playing in the background. If you are lucky, we may even have a few band members milling about since, as we all know, musicians can be a bit aimless.

We advise people who are not feeling well to NOT COME DOWN and get their shirt. We will hold onto it for you until such time as the band does perform. We hope to be stationed under one of the smaller pavilions to the east side of the bath house and will have hand sanitizer available for use.


Our next club meeting is Tuesday, March 10th at Momo's Pizza on Market Street--same time as always 7:30pm. Please come on out, grab some great grub, reconnect with the club and friends, and cheer all those who have birthdays this month!. A brief Board Meeting for Officers and Board Members, will precede the club meeting at 6pm.

Kristin "Krash" Korinko
SPSC Commodora

Sailing in the Keys
Friday morning was breezy and cool, but clear. I rode my bike to the launch site by the pool. Kestrel (my wind-o-meter) said 16 mph average. It was coming slightly west of north, the waves crashing against the seawall. I decided to check again later after things had warmed up a bit.

After breakfast, I told Baab that I wanted to sail today - after all, this was our last full day here. I grabbed my shorts & neoprene and drove my truck (with windsurfing gear) to the parking area by the former primitive camping area. (Those campsites are still there, waiting for campers that will never arrive.) I walked to the seawall for another wind check - a pleasant 9 mph. Determined to sail on this last day, I began rigging my 8.5 in the grass among the palm trees between the marina basin and the pool.

A couple walked by. “Are you coming in or going out?” Coming or going – always the question. “I’m getting ready to go sailing.” “It’s a nice breeze” she said. “Actually, we’d prefer a bit more wind” I replied, feeling confident. “It’s supposed to get windier this afternoon”, the man said. “Good!” I replied, thinking, right – like this guy knows what he’s talking about.

A few minutes later, with the 8.5 ready to go, Dan, who was rigging his 8.1 said “It looks like we’re gonna be in for a ride.” Checking the palm trees, it did seem a little breezier. I walked back to the seawall with Kestrel. 18 avg! Oh man, I’m gonna get my @$$ kicked with that 8.5!

I decided to take a few minutes to rig my 6.5. By the time I carried my sail to the wall, I could see Dan out there, boom and sail well away from sheeted in, bouncing over the waves and hanging on. In the water, I clicked the mast base into the track, raised the sail to catch some wind, stepped up on the board, and sailed off!

The 6.5 was plenty of sail. I was on the equipe for the 9 mph breeze, and had not bothered to switch to the short board. In no time I was well away from shore. I realized I should turn around before getting too far away. Given the conditions and my skill level, I decided to tack. With the rough seas, I fell in, of course! After climbing back on the board, I leaned into the (power?) uphaul. Snap! The uphaul parted, and I was back in the water. Oh, sheet! A quick look showed the covering over the inner stretch cord had ripped apart. Grasping the thinner inner cord, I tried uphauling again. Snap again! This time I had two separate lengths of uphaul.

Time to water start - or die! I was thankful for my flotation vest. Of course, the board was pointing the wrong way, and, of course, the sail was on the wrong tack. The wind made flipping the sail easy but yanked it out of my hands, and my rig, with the boom on top of the board, started moving away from me. Remembering Baab’s experience from the previous year, I moved quickly to get hold of my rig. With the head of the mast in hand, I was able to fly the sail, get the board pointed in the right direction, and get my feet on the edge of the board. With the sail and board in the right position, the wind easily lifted me out of the water and I was on my way back toward the seawall.

Once back near shore, I took a few minutes to catch my breath. I was wearing a neoprene top for the first time this trip and was feeling a bit chilled. Dan was still sailing. I climbed out and retrieved the easy uphaul from my 8.5 and attached it to the 6.5. About this time, Dan came back in. “How are you doing?” I asked. “I’ve had about enough” he replied. With little hesitation I said “Me too!”.

We pulled our rigs from the water, carried them to the grass, and began derigging.

One more trip to the seawall. The wind-o-meter showed 20 mph average! Guess I’m not qualified for 20 knot snob status just yet!

Training 2020
Training is just around the corner, with April 18th our kickoff lesson which will include several FSU students with their outdoor pursuits program. This is a reminder to let friends of yours know about the free lessons coming up this summer and is the opportunity for current members to come down and use the club training equipment! That’s right, the Sunday after a training day is a members practice day from 12 until 4.

This year training is heavily concentrated towards the end of the summer. I attempt to schedule lessons when there is an incoming tide sometime between noon and 2pm in order to have plenty of water to walk near the students and so the current will keep them closer to shore. This year we have Corpus Christi, 4th of July, and NIMBY competing with training tides.

I am fortunate to have an incredible cadre of folks volunteering their time to teach. This year we once again will be teaching the Venture Crew (for over 7 years now) and the American Heritage girls (the third year). For the first time, Ron Harrison is getting his Team RWB (teamrwb.org) folks to sign up for lessons and we have a date reserved for them. If there half the fun Ron is it’s going to be a blast! Send people to our website and get them to sign up!

Club Meeting February 11, 2020
At Momo’s with 18 people present.

Meeting started promptly at 7:30

Commodore: Commodore asked for approval of the minutes and it was approved with huzzahs and other shouts of great exclamation on how well written they were. Workday looked great.

Vice Commodore: Got a chair for the Rum ‘n’ Root Beer

Scribe: Thanked Joe for his wonderful article on his once again receiving the lugnut award.

Purser: We still have money in the bank. Some expenses included supplies needed for all the work on the beach. Upcoming expenses will include items needed to get the flagpole in shape, fixing the back doors on the training trailer, troubleshooting the electrical, and rebuilding the outside board rack. He mentioned a ladder for the tripod was on order. Memberships stand at 67 with Earl Campos and Keith Long being the latest to sign back up. We still have a CD balance.

Wind Ceremony, March 28th, Chairs; Bob Graves & Sandy Layne. Ron asked what the Wind Ceremony was and we promised to give him the link to our site that explains it. He now knows!
Presnell: November 7th during the Miami away game.
Smith Regatta: People were asked to get donations and stuff

Action Items:
Training trailer: Back door, outside board rack, assemble sails for training
Windy: Get ladder up and get her working!
Wind Ceremony: It has always been thus and the shirt design is excellent!

Next club meeting March 10th.

The best thing about these meetings is all the conversations that take place that the slow-witted scribe doesn’t write down. All kinds of information is exchanged, laughter ensues, and people have a good time. Some of our newer members have been attending as well. I sure wish YOU would at least make one meeting this year.

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