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January 2018

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SPSC Commodore’s Comments

Welcome to SPSC 2018! I am honored to be your Commodore this year. It’s only been a few years since my return to the fold, and I’m excited to be involved in all we have going on.

First up, beach re-nourishment is underway (or, starting soon). We have club members monitoring progress, so look for an update at the club meeting Tuesday. Next, the Keys trip is just around the corner! This recent spate of winter cold has me wishing for warmer weather. While the trip is scheduled from Saturday, February 3rd through Saturday, February 10, some of us plan to extend the adventure with stops at Highland Hammock on the way down, and Santos on the way back home. Be sure to bring your bike for the day trip to Key West!

By the way, Fiesta Key has issued some guidelines that might be of interest. If you haven’t seen the document, let me know and I’ll get you a copy. The Keys - a state of mind.

See you at the club meeting!
Joe Sisson

Sex Scandals, Leadership Change, and the TRUTH!

by Bob Graves

I’m the new scribe and there were no minutes from December because there was no meeting. However, if you noticed, there were no minutes published from the November meeting because the 2017 scribe saw fit as to not send them in to our publisher, Web Mistress Deb, so, for this not to happen again, we promoted the scribe to Vice Commodore.

As your new scribe, I promise to bring to light the sex scandals that have rocked, well, there really weren’t any, but I know when you saw the words sex scandal, you kept reading anyway hoping for something juicy. However, it is my duty to bring you the facts, as I see them, and as I really don’t care how you see them. Yes, I will be using alternate facts in some(most) articles extolling the awesomeness of our leadership. Beginning here, this years Christmas party and Festivus gathering were the BIGGEST in our history. I’ve never seen crowds so big. Should have moved the Christmas party to the civic center and Festivus to Panama City beach to encompass the HUUUUGE crowds.


by Bob Graves

Again, Festivus is the low key, miracle driven party to go to. I didn’t get there until about 3:30 and was shocked, yes, shocked that Mr. Finney was already there with the beer from the Christmas party cooling its heels by the trailer. The bonfire had just been lit, Holiday music was coming from two ends of the beach, food was overflowing the tables that had been set up, and good friends were everywhere. The weather was incredible, and the wind was a brisk 2mph.

As is traditional at all Festivus celebrations, we had our vice commodore challenge our current commodora in a feat of strength, to see if the young pup was ready to carry the mantel. The challenge was one of balance, wherein the contestants stood on short logs holding a rope with which they tried to get the other to lose their balance. Joe bested Mary two out of three, thusly ascending to the throne.

The miracles abounded. There were three, yes, three bottles of Bombay Sapphire brought to the event. In addition, Willy had paid his dues for the first time since 1990. To top it all off, the Festivus gods displayed a beautiful rainbow over the water.

And then there were the complaints as we all stood around the fire. If you were there, you knew what they were, if you weren’t you don’t. Be there next year, the complaints may have been about you!

We also had a family from Indiana join us in this year’s celebration. Cindy (mom), Nic (son), and Taylor (Nic’s girlfriend) were down for Cindy’s daughter’s graduation from FAMU and decided to check out the beach. Cindy hadn’t been to the beach before, so just being there was an experience for her, then they met us, and their timeline to start heading back north got delayed for about 2 hours. They participated in the airing of grievances, had a martini, and attended a safety meeting. Funny thing is, Taylor thought we were having margarita’s, so was a bit surprised. Picture of them with our Festivus queen, Tina!
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