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Commordore's Comments September 2017
30th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic

A friendly reminder early registration has been extended through Monday September 18!!
You have until midnight on the 18th!!

Now is the time to get ready to celebrate our "30th Annual Endless Summer Sailboard Classic " September 29-October 1.

To be ELIGIBLE for the grand prize, (an Ezzy 6.8 meter sail) and to be ASSURED your Rash-guard size and quantity, men's and women's available ... Register no later than Monday, September 18! No whining accepted.

We look forward to sharing this 30th anniversary with all of you!!


Your Commodora in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling

Training and Trailer Update - September

In preparation for Irma, Bob A., Joe, Perry, Linda, Wright and Bob G. had lots of discussion on whether to move the trailer or not. Some wanting to, others didn't, and with the logistics needed to move the trailer, we decided to leave it and hope for the best. A big shout out to Dave Denmark who was on standby to pull the trailer out with his truck. However, we did re-enforce the concrete block on the back and front of the trailer, and around the wheels. We also de-rigged all the training sails and loaded them and the boards into Bob Andrews trailer. We then moved all the junk that is underneath the trailer into it, and then secured the drying platform onto the back of the trailer. The storm gave us a reprieve from her awesome power and spared the trailer until the next storm when the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth will take place once again.

On the training front, we had a great season, training well over 70 people (I don't keep accurate records on the Venture scouts or the FSU group that were not on our lesson list). Over 200 hours were contributed by our volunteer trainers to see this season through. We battled stormy weather more than in the past, but always erred on the side of caution and didn't lose anybody! We have scheduled one more lesson to coincide with the Endless Summer, on Friday, September 29th, for a girl scout troop.

We should have a great novice fleet at this year's Endless Summer.

Bob Graves

SPSC Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2017

None Submitted

Club Officers and At-Large
Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves


"Whitton Effect"

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