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Commodore's Comments June 2017

A Toast To Bonaire!!

What can I say, one of the best Windsurfing Vacations Ever!

Touching down in Bonaire began an eight-day vaca for myself and 12 other folks. The slide show I have created speaks louder than words to describe the beauty of Bonaire. Getting settled in was quick and comfy.

The Sorobon Resort rests against the Carribean Sea with dark blue and turquoise water. From the patio of my Chateau, I had an unobstructed view of the ocean where I enjoyed my coffee in the morning and nestled in my hammock in the evening enjoying a glass of vino to end the day!

One of my favorite mornings was enjoying a cup of joe on the cabana by the sea and watching a professional photo shoot take place on the dock of a pier located just a few feet away. A famous Dutch actress was visiting the Sorobon and doing a series of shoots for the Fashion Magazine "JAN". By the way, fashion photography is closely aligned with my business practices and is one of my passions:)

Oh yeah, and I cannot forget to mention are herbivorous friends the iguanas and donkeys that lived on and near the grounds and visited on a regular basis. An interesting fact, Bonaire is an arid island with approximately 20 inches of rain a year. With its pristine beaches and colorful water, one doesn't seem to care.

Located just a few steps away from the Sorobon were the Jibe City concession and the affiliated Hang Out Bar, where we rented our windsurfing equipment and were able to Chill and Hang Out!

I was able to windsurf 6 out of the seven days at Jibe City. We launched our rigs right there in front of the shop. I enjoyed windsurfing in crystal clear, waist-deep water. Getting used to a different boards and sails was a bit of a challenge, but it didn't take long. A big shout out to the trainers/dudes that helped assist in picking out our gear: Jovanie for my lesson and Bram for always encouraging a bigger sail to be on a plane:) I learned pretty quick that you had to communicate any challenges you may have with your rig, and in return, they were there to accommodate.

A few of us ventured out to the Washington Slabaai National State Park located in the northwestern part of Bonaire. A scalding, rugged terrain with stunning beaches and wildlife. Although beautiful, a few things I would have done differently; start the day at 8 am with a packed a picnic lunch and brought snorkeling gear and a bathing suit.

One of the best ways to end a beautiful day in Bonaire is to enjoy fine dining at any of their local restaurants. My top three favorites were: Sebastian's, It Rains Fishes, and The Hang Out. Good food, excellent wine and cocktails, and long time friends! The ultimate evening was a happy hour Friday at the Sorobon with all of us from SPSC attending, thanks to Chateau Chris and Chateau Daniel's for hosting. Our new friend and fellow windsurfer, Graham,was gracious enough to take a group picture for us. Saturday, our last day (alas), we spent chilling at the Hang Out Bar and windsurfing most of the day!

All & all a fantastic vacation, I hope to go back within the year. Before I forget, I have to mention the incredible hospitality given by all of the locals, service providers, interns, and employees. An important fact to bring up is they are all on Island Time, "Island time is one of those delightful double entendres. On the one hand, it refers to a pace, a certain slack attitude towards the clock. But it also refers to time well spent, away, in a place that refreshes the spirit and cleanses the soul",

That sums it up for me, first time I ever came back from a vacation feeling that my spirit was refreshed and my soul cleansed and ready for a new day!

North South East West Festoons !

Your Commodora with service in pleasure,
Mary Rolling

Photos for the slide show provided by myself and Sandy Lane

NIMBY XXI, the 21st Annual "Not In My Back Yard" Road Trip Regatta, is scheduled for Friday, June 23 – Sunday, June 25, 2017. We are now in our twenty first year of taking the Shell Point windsurfing "show" on the road to different venues.  This year, we're going back to the site of NIMBY XI – Port St. Joe, FL.  We are also returning to the same accommodations as before – the Port Inn.  The Port Inn is located across the street from a waterfront park, so this is a venue that you can walk to the rigging site, and walk or bike almost everywhere – to restaurants, bars, stores, etc.  Many of the "old-timers" will remember the last NIMBY that was held there, with many daytime and evening activities for everyone within a short distance of the motel.  We extend a special invitation to our sailing friends from the Florida Panhandle and to those in the Atlanta, Charleston, and Florida East Coast areas to join us at this year's NIMBY.  For this event we will return to the location of one of our most memorable past events, and as usual there will be plenty for the non-sailors and kids to do.

See full details.

R.O.A.D. Warriors and the Tripod

By Bob Graves

On May 15th the Retired Old Assed Dudes (R.O.A.D.) met at the boat ramp in beautiful Shell Point to begin our sojourn on Close Enough’s amphibious water craft at 10am (or was it 9am?). After much deliberation and discussion, we finally got the boat off the trailer. Loading the Honda generator and other tools, we headed on out to what is known as the tripod. From a distance, the tripod looks like solid, but up close and on top, a different perspective forms.

After mooring to the tripod, we had to fix the ladder rungs so we could climb it and get our work done. Pulling out his hand Ryobi drill, Close Enough handed it to Fractions who screwed the new rungs into place. After the ladder rungs were in place, discussion ensued as to where to place the metal mast that would hold the wind equipment, wanting to make sure the readings were accurate, or close enough. Once that was determine, Huh? climbed to the top of the tripod where he was met with the aroma of dried cormorant dung which he scraped off with a two by four to make a flat spot for the battery. First scrape sent a flutter of dried dung down to the others in the boat, so Huh? had to stop until the boat detached and moved away.

In the boat, Close Enough had drilled two holes in the metal pipe through which we would affix bolts attaching it to one of the tripod legs. Drilling two holes at the same angle into a round pipe is tricky, so with Close Enough’s precision, we had to finagle the pipe to line the holes up properly to the tripod's leg; should have had Fractions drill the holes. However, the pole is up, the battery is mounted, and the solar panel is affixed! Waiting for some decent weather to get out there and put up the wind sensor.

The most amazing thing was not a single tool was sent to the bottom of the sea. We used a multitude of drill, saws, ratchets, and other sundry instruments of destruction, and didn’t lose a one.

Stay tuned to the adventures of the ROAD warriors, there may be a new member for our next exploit!

44th Annual
Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta

Thank you again. This was a stellar year with sailor and spectator participation, sponsorships, booklet advertising and auction donations. Our goal was to net $15,000 for the American Cancer Society (ACS). We met our goal . . . donating $16,000 to the ACS at the Annual Sponsors and Volunteers Appreciation Party. This amount exceeded last year's donation by $3,000. Now, the bar is set higher for next year. Consider volunteering and helping next year's Chairperson, Bob Graves and the event committee.

In the meantime, I wish to thank the following people for the hard work given this year:

John Gilbert, Everything
Lee Chapin Race and Trophies
Leah Chapin and Sherry Martin, Breakfast
Windy Bevan-Baker, Onsite Grill
Linda Downey, Dinner Coordinator
Michael Ganey, Internet Access
Adam Bennett, Master at the Beer Truck
Marianne Gengenbach, Publicity
Lisa Stephany, Auction
Stan Derzypolski, Vessel and Vehicle Aquisition
Dave Denmark and Tigger Gray, Auctioneers
Wright Finney, Logisitics and Site
Angel Ganey, Registration
Don Reeder, Race Committees
Perry Morris, Race

Deb Berlinger
2017 Event Chairperson

44th Annual
Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta Race Result

From Tina Mazanek

C-Fleet Results:

Women's Class
1. Emma Naclerio
2. Cara Campbell
3. Gretchen DeYoung

Men's Class
1. Brennan Fogarty
2. Torrey Wagner
3. John Doherty
4. Hector Marrero
4. Richard Wallace

1. Emma Naclerio
2. Brennan Fogarty
3. Torrey Wagner
4. Cara Campbell
5. John Doherty
6. Hector Marrero
7. Gretchen DeYoung
8. Richard Wallace

From Lee Chapin




Last Name

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Longboard Limited





Longboard Limited





Longboard Limited





Longboard Unlimited





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Longboard Unlimited





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Finally . . .BONAIRE (Take a Drink)

by Chris Graves

Getting there:

Delta TLH to ATL to BON $800-$1000
Flights leave Saturday and Sunday and returning Saturday and Sunday

Best wind:


Lac Bay:

Vey shallow one to three feet deep with sandy bottom, you learn to sail with very little tail pressure on 40 cm fins.
Wind is best in the morning and afternoon and drops midday, I liked staying at the Sorobon as it was next door to Jibe city so I could get a morning and afternoon session with rest at the room. If I go back I will stay there again.
Jibe City "week package" about $400.

The Sorobon:
A.C. on in bedroom from 6 pm to 8 am. The bedroom has a nice king size bed. There is huge day bed in the living room that a third person could sleep on but it will not be air-conditioned, but there is a constant breeze. The room comes with a fridge and a stove top for cooking which we did because after a day of windsurfing you really don't have much energy to go out.
About half the people at the Sorobon were there to windsurf.
The rooms are $180 a night (non refundable) and that includes a very filling continental breakfast and bird show! The taxes are an additional $6.50 a day per person.

Washington Slagbaai National Park:
Terry went on this trip as I wanted to sail. Things she suggested when visiting which I plan to do on my next trip are as follows. Get there early, take a cooler with lunch and lots of water, take snorkeling gear and take the time to snorkel.
Take your water use tag with receipt (Jibe City will make you buy one and they last a year) and the park is free otherwise its $25.

Lessons learned:
Decide on renting a truck that can be shared, most vehicles are stick shift.
The grocery store (Van der Tweel) is great and they have beer, wine and liquor, bring you own bags or buy their huge reusable bag, only $2!
See about getting discounts at the Sorobon and Jibe City if we get enough people.
Move trip a week later.
Don't over pack, you will need almost no clothes as swimwear is all most people wear.

It was great to have friends to hang out with!

SPSC Meeting Minutes - May 9, 2017

Meeting called to disorder approximately 7:40.

“Wasn’t it a great regatta??” Much agreement. An unidentified leaker gave an unofficial report from the Regatta Committee that it had surpassed last year’s donation by thousands of dollars. The weekend ran very, very smoothly, although the wifi was a little temperamental. Too windy, perhaps? Kudos to Bob G and Sandy for bringing such great items to the auction while helping out local businesses. Also to Deb for chairing. The auction raised $3,000 more than last year, mostly because of the Miata that was sold. This was to be Wendy Bevin-Baker’s last regatta captaining the grill. Perhaps we could get the Venture Scouts interested? June 9th is the wrap-up party at the Yacht Club.

Bob Graves wanted to thank the lessons instructors. Extra dates were added, and FSU sailing came down Friday of the regatta for lessons. One of them even raced! “Wanted to learn so bad. Really wanted to do it.”

Could FSU Sailing, or the Venture Scouts join our club as an organization?

Trailer report: A club officer has to go to DMV to get it a tag. Weight slip will be needed. Marpan scales can be used for that purpose.

New Windy Report: Ready to go! First day of calm weather, it gets bolted on. The Yacht Club would like to contribute to it. Martinis will be consumed to toast the retiring/disconnecting of the old Windy.

Purser’s Report: Auction went really well. Last Tiki Mon went too cheap. The Sunday auction is what really sets SCSMR off from Endless Summer, and everyone who assists in it deserves a great big thank you!!

The Crooked Shooz want to come back for another.

As for SPSC, Dan Burch re-upped for two years. B000000000alances remain the same, as no disbursements have yet been made. Beach cards to be finalized soon. 2016 cards still work.

Instructors'; Safety Regs: Still a work in progress. The Commodora brings up the life jackets. The Coast Guard does not require life preservers. However, we do need to demonstrate that we've done everything reasonable for safety. Waiver?? Next board meeting.

Lessons Calendar: Currently a couple links were not working, but now they’re fixed.

NIMBY: June 23rd-25th, The Port Inn, Port St. Joe.
Rum n’ Rootbeer: August 6th.
Endless Summer: September 29th-October 1st. Music by DJ Bobby G, and Robin and Gretchen.
Atlanta Fall Classic: October 17th-18th.
Miami: November 10th-12th.
Xmas Party: FRIDAY, December 15th.

000000 Celebrations: SCSMR, the Commodora shortboarded for 2 days! She also celebrated Robin and Gretchen’s enthusiasm and support.

Next board meeting at the Vice Commodore’s Quarters, June 6th.

Next club meeting, June 13th.

Meeting adjourned with no further incident.

Club Officers ad At-Large Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves



"Whitton Effect"

Check the SPSC Photo Gallery for More Photos
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