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Mary Rolling, SPSC Commodore, 2017

Commodore's Comments April 2017

Windy Season is Here!

Yay, finally!! A week ago today we got South wind 15-20 knots with gusts up to 24 and were blessed with a few more days with the same amount of wind. It was exciting to see a large group of fellow windsurfers show up this past Monday, April 3rd. The Weather Channel had been predicting 20-30 knots for a good seven days. No doubt, most of us follow the weather prettystringently!! The weather forecast gave us hope - many of us followed it, and trusted it and were rewarded greatly.

I got to Shell Point around 10ish.  Hugh & Chris were already rigged and on the water, shortly after Danielle and "Edvard" showed up.  We had at least eight windsurfers on the water by noon!! (Kind of like the old daysJ).  I find it difficult to decide which sail to rig when the gusts are up to 24, I err on the side of a bit smaller and I'm glad I did.  The sail I choose was an old Ezzy Wave 2000- 5.2; a 1 cambered sail (btw, not a fan of camber's). I haven't rigged that sail in several years, it was inevitable that some adjustments were going to be needed!! Have any of you ever experienced that? Lucky for me in the beginning just a little bit more down haul.

Because the sail hasn't been rigged or sailed in several years, the 1 camber that it does have had apparently deteriorated over time at the connection from the batten to the camber/camber to mast.   Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this until towards the end of my session, when the batten broke from the camber which prevented me from popping the sail after my jibe.  I became overpowered - forced upwind – to utter exhaustion! :(

The moral of the story, always check all my sails and rig them before a windy day, or any day, to prevent any mishaps on the water and ultimately allow me to enjoy the beautiful gusty day!  Now some of you may be thinking, why didn’t you just take the camber out? Right? I did think about that, but I was pretty tired and spent after 1.5+ hours on the water, it was time to call it a day!

I hope my experience brings back a memory for some of you and for those of you still learning - please remember to check your equipment to ensure your best and safest windsurfing experience.  It promises to be a windy season, let's make it is a safe one too!! Be on the lookout for the SPSC’s new and improved water safety manual to be used for our Windsurfing lessons! A big shout out to " Ric" and "Bob," and our SPSC board for working on it and making it happen!!

I look forward to seeing you on the water or at our Annual Stephen C. Smith Regatta this April 28-30!!

East West North South Festoons!

Your, Commodora in service with pleasure,
Mary Rolling


Funny illustration Art by Bobby Chiu  - construction workers having lunch in air Art wallpaper 3Retired Old Ass Dudes aka The ROAD Warriors Saga Continues . . .

By Bob Graves

Once again, the ROAD warriors hit the road for another exciting adventure. The club was faced with the challenge of “how do we make a band stage out of an old 30-foot travel trailer frame?”  After much discussion by the oxymoronic SPIT (Shell Point Intelligence Team), a plan was devised.   However, what good is a plan unless you have an elite group of club members that can execute that plan with precision.  The ROAD warriors dispatched to execute this plan consisted of Joe “Fractions” Sisson, Bob “Tools” Andrews, Bob “Huh?” Graves, and lead by Lee “Close Enough” Chapin.

We arrived at the drop point at approximately 9am, precision being our nemesis.  Sitting next to the trailer was a stack of 8’x10” pressurized lumber, some of it a little wet from rain the day before.  “Fractions” had done some calculating and was ready to lay plank to steel.  As “Close Enough” told us, the placement of the first plank will dictate how the rest get laid, or don’t get laid, depends on how lucky they are.  The first piece was carefully lined up, and “Tools” whipped out his electric drill, a Craftsman beauty with a brand-new steel drill bit, and got to drilling through wood and steel with a look of stern determination.  “Huh?” tackled the other side of the trailer with his brand-new battery operated DeWalt drill, loading it with another of the new steel drill bits provided by “Tools”.  Those bits went through the wood and steel like a knife through refrigerated butter.  After pummeling the board with five bolts, two on each side and one smack dab in the middle, we banged the top of the bolt down to get a good grip in the wood, then went to work on the bottom to secure it. 

We worked our way down the trailer like this, with “Fractions” getting out his trusty tape measure, “Tools” and “Huh?” working the drills, and “Close Enough” telling us “That’s close enough”.  Funny thing happened on the way down the trailer, which is 30 feet in length.  Or tape measurer was only 24’ in length.  However, a well-oiled and trained group like the ROAD warriors barely lets that slow them down.  Due to the precision in which the boards were laid by “Fractions” and secured, we just identified a board further down the trailer to start our measure from.
When we got to the wheels, some of the boards had to be shortened from 8’ to 5’10”.  Which brought out something interesting in the trailer, unexpected, but dealt with.  The wheels on either side were at different distances from the frame.  Also, for those having dealt with pressurized lumber of this sort, they all aren’t the exact same width, length, or completely straight across.  While this led to some head scratching, “Fractions” did some quick recalculations and the mission moved on!  Another surprise that was quickly dealt with by foraging ACE hardware, was the steel around the steps and wheels was thicker than other parts of the frame, so a longer bolt was needed.

Not being used to working a full day in a while, we were all darned tired when we finished up at 5:20pm, mission accomplished.  Thanks to Leah for providing us the fixins for a great lunch, complete with cookies, and to “Close Enough” for giving us a great environment to get this work done.

NEWS FLASH:  “Close Enough”, “Fraction”, and “Tools”, got together on March 21st to finish up the trailer.  They strategically but fenders over the wheels and applied metal trim all the way around.  They got this work done in a single afternoon and it looks simply marvelous.  It pays to leave “Huh?” at home.

Training 2017

Training is coming on us fast.  We start the season off with the FSU Sailing Club on April 22nd followed by a Girl Scout troop on Friday, April 28th.  We have the Venture Scouts in May then a break as some of the training staff head to Bonaire for their own learning, then back at it in June.  Our training dates for 2017 are; May 13(Venture Scouts), June 10, June 17, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19, and September 2.

Due to the increased interest in safety, there will be changes to the lessons program.  Life Jackets will be worn by ALL people taking lessons and a medical kit as well as a rescue craft will be made readily available.  All students will be expected to take a short safety course to ensure that they do not panic in water over their heads.

With all the recommendations made at the last club meeting, it was encouraging to see so many people take interest in the lessons program and we certainly hope you can help us out on the beach this year.  The more eyes we have on the students, the safer the whole experience is.  Please check out our schedule and let me know when you can help.  Even if you can only help on one day only, that would be great, you don’t have to come down every time. 

44th Annual
Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta

What: You know what

When: April 28 - 30, 2017

Where: Shell Point Beach

Why: The Smith is more than a weekend at the beach . . .

It is a group of people who, every year for the past 43 years, come together to create and participant in this meaningful event. It is not by accident or luck that it has come to pass this long. It is by the passion, drive and commitment this group provides to make it happen for the benefit of the American Cancer Society.

Each of us have experienced cancer in our lives in some form or fashion, from personal experience to losing special and loved people. In the past 12 months, I have seen a fellow musician undergo surgery and chemo treatments for colon cancer, and watched what she has gone through. We have lost two very good Tallahassee musicians to this disease; Scott Campbell, who I had the pleasure of playing with in "Bo'Hog Root' and Dennis Dunn, whom I played with in 'Tin Horn'. Their passing is a great loss for the music community. And, more recently, we lost our beloved, Ann Getman. Ann was a member of the Apalachee Bay Yacht Club and our club. She volunteered to help in many, many events, including over 26 years on the Smith Regatta, co-chairing and working registration. Yes, we lost more than a valued member of our social efforts, but more importantly we lost a loving, easy-going, beautiful woman, friend, mother and wife. Ann, taught me more about being part of the Smith Regatta than I can name. I will certainly miss all of these people.

I reach out to all of you to do what you can to help this year; either by volunteering, registering, participating in the activities and the auction, or just donating items for the auction or money to the Smith Foundation (www.smithregatta.com/donate). We have three boats so far: two small one or two person sailboats and one dory type row boat. Native Tiki's donated the 10th and last in a tiki-man series, see page 50 in the event booklet (yes, it is online at www.smithregatta.com). Speaking of the booklet, check out all of our sponsors, donors and advertisers for this year. And, I will see you at the beach.

. . . and, now you know why!

Deb Berlinger, Chair
44th Annual Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta

Registration forms and online registration: Go to www.smithregatta.com/registration.cfm

Also check out WCTV program . . .

Shell Point Beach custom "zippered bottle insulators" (aka koozies) available at the registration table for $5 each. Limited number available, so pick up your bags early.

One more thing. If you cannot make the event, consider giving a donation . . . go to www.smithregatta.com/donate

SPSC Meeting Minutes - March 14, 2017

Meeting called to disorder around 7:30-ish.

Scribes minutes from prior meeting accepted on a party line vote.
Announcement: Danielle needs a roommate for the Bonaire trip!!  ($500 for the week.)  [Everybody drink.]
Old business

  • Joe Sisson’s report on band trailer: The R.O.A.D.ies slaved the whole day on it.  Deck is planked!
  • Deb Berlinger on the Smith Regatta: Regatta Band- Tom & The Cats? The RockitZ!? 
    • Regatta committee’s goal is to contribute $15,000 up from $13,000. 
    • March 20th deadline for booklet ads. 
    • Prize for most donors collected.
  • Linda Downey: “Chance” tickets (NOT raffle!)
    • Much discussion over county’s new alcohol ordinance, which allows alcohol on beach at Smith, but will likely result in tightening enforcement the rest of the year.
  • Lee Chapin’s Windy update: Since we have permission to install on tripod, committee of R.O.A.D.ies to inspect tripod. 
    • Transmitter here.  Wind sensor on the way.  Transmitter company will specifically wed the two. 
    • April somewhere installation date, depending on tripod.
  • Rik Edmonds on Safety Registration:
  • Prevention
  • Response
    • Most critical, rescue and revive!
    • 911? Coast Guard? CPR for instructors? Spotter? Trainer Meetings? Video for students to watch?
  • Joe Sisson on Wind Ceremony
    • 12pm setup.
    • 3pm registration.
    • 5:30-ish dinner.
    • Whenever Swami says music.
  • Deb Berlinger regarding address book
    • Tabled until after the Smith.

Upcoming business

    • Wind Ceremony
    • SCSMR
    • Bonaire (Everybody drink!!!)
    • Rn’R
    • NIMBY
    • Endless Summer
    • + Regional events
  • Correction on the Atlanta Fall Classic; Oct. 13th -15th.  Kona GCC; Oct 28th – 29th.
  • Thanks to Bob Graves and Mark Powell for articles to Newsletter.
  • Next board meeting at Danielle’s house.
  • Next club meeting, April 11th.
  • Linda Downey gave Chris Graves an appreciation award for the Endless Summer.
  • Leah Chapin is selling pork butts for ACS relay team.

Adjourned at 8:36 with no further incident.
Scribed through a painkiller haze.  I have no idea what I’ve written.

Club Officers ad At-Large Board Members 2017

Commodore: Mary Rolling
Vice Commodore: Joe Sisson
Scribe: Adam Bennett
Purser: Wright Finney
At large members:
Bob Andrews
Ric Edmonds
Danielle Deprelle
Mac Paschal
Past Commodore: Chris Graves



"Whitton Effect"

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