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Commodores Commands and Comments by Commodore Bob Graves, aka ISUC - August 2015

Bob Graves, SPSC Commodore, 2015


Bob Graves, Commodore
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

We have elections coming up in September, so get your voter id, birth certificate, an affidavit witnessed by 3 witnesses that confirms you are who you think you are, and your 2015 get on the beach free card, and even you can vote! In conjunction with voting DUES ARE DUE. IF you were a student this year and already paid, you are good until next year.

So much has happened during my reign, and yet there is so much more to go. I have been through and witnessed; Fiesta Key, Calema MidWinters, start of training, 11 summer series races, and the Rum n’ Root Beer. Coming up is even more stuff: finish up training and the summer series racing, Juana’s Good time regatta, Endless Summer Sailboard Classic, Atlanta Fall Classic, Christmas Party, and Festivus! Whew, now that’s a good year. Next year promises even more.

Bob Graves, Commodore 
Imperial Supreme Ultimate Commodore (ISUC)

Rum n' Root Beer Regatta by Bob Graves

This event definitely lived up to its’ theme, “Prepare to Get Wet!” The arsenal of watery weaponry was truly impressive. I believe the instigator in early water fights was Paul, but sporadic duels were happening all over the beach. That was when Mary decided it’s time for the SOAK FEST! In assisting Mary, I learned that giving instruction to 5 year olds in tennis was easier than trying to organize SPSC members with water guns. The maturity difference between a 5 and 50 year old during the R n’ R with a water gun is zero. Truly wonderful!

I knew Mary’s games were a success by the number of people trying to break the rules. Her games had reached the level of cheating in professional football, baseball, and the Tour de’ France. Games included a relay race, where one team’s bending of the rules brought down the ultimate punishment from the commissioner of SUP relay racing, a disqualification. My understanding is the SUPNO (Stand Up Paddlers National Organization) has filed a lawsuit. The response to that was “Whatsup? NO!” The water balloon toss and water balloon colander catch went off without incident except for numerous exploding water balloons. The final game was the bucket dunk, an ingenious, insidious game designed by a sinister organization that goes by the name of Pinterest. Mary’s Minions assembled it so that it worked wonderfully and, when it stopped working momentarily, a little percussive maintenance got it back in shape! It was great to see Charles hit the target thus drenching his Dad, Pro, and then Simone doing the same to her daughter, Naomi. I will say, however, that the SPSC should never consider fielding a softball or cricket team.

People brought wonderful stuff to eat and everybody ate well, drank well, and had great conversation to the back drop of Mary’s good playlist. Oh, did I forget to mention that the weather the ENTIRE TIME WAS ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS. So, for those who stayed away due to a forecast, you missed out big time.

However, none of this would have been possible without great monetary support from Catalina Café (http://www.catalinacafe.com), Athena Salon and Spa (http://www.athenasalonandspa.com ), and product support in the way of four beautiful paddleboards from Forgotten Coast Paddle Sports (http://www.forgottencoastpaddlesports.com), and the 40 plus people that came out to have fun in the sun and GET WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Club Officers and At-Large Board Members 2015

Commodore: Bob Graves
Vice Commodore: Chris Graves
Scribe: Bill Olson
Purser: Wright Finney
At Large Members:
Laurie Levine
Deb Green
Mary Rolling
Adam Bennet
Past Commodore: Mark Powell
Board is also known as the Guardians of the Windy Sea!

Wisdom of the Great Helmsman

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will squirt upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my minions. And you will know I am the Commodore when I lay my aquatic vengeance upon you.

Club Meeting July 2015

At 19:33 the meeting commenced (yes this would be 7:30 NBT, but we are trying to display the humble side of Bob).

The heir apparent, Chris Graves begins the meeting with a couple of video presentations of club training and sailing in St Joseph Bay.

The Commodore receives and urgent call, and departs briefly to keep that Iranian Nucular deal on the tracks.

The meeting resumes with talk of races and lessons. There are 20 members present, the purser has yet to make an appearance.

The Commodore reports that there was no summer series last time due to lack of wind.

The scribe admits that there are no meeting minutes to approve because he lost the notes of the July club meeting, they are approved by acclamation anyhow.

NIMBY XIX – We needed more people. Good times were had and the sailing was good, try to make it next year!

The new training gear, 2 Kona Hula boards and 2 rigs allegedly have arrived in Savannah, WCF will call Steve Monday and confirm.

Rum n Rootbeer is August 2nd. Forms are available now for registration, those on Facebook should be getting updates. 30th year for various incarnations of the event. Register early to be eligible for the door prizes. Bring water guns and be ready to get wet.

Endless Summer – Call your sponsors, there will be a GUMBO CONTEST this year, and Café Donaldo has resumed management from the slackers who were running the place into the ground.

Festivus 2015 – will there be a high seas battle to see who is Commodore next year?

If you want your SPSC membership card, which gets you free parking at Shell Point Beach, come to a meeting.

The Festoons are still in the market for a cheap/free rehearsal space, let Bob know if you have one.

Pursers report, a commemorative book was presented to WCF for all his hard work on the NIMBY.

We have money in the bank, 62 paid memberships, we have held steady at 60 or 70 over the years.

Deb Berlinger said the there will be a RnR Pay Pal transfer to the club coffers.

There was a presentation of the 1st place no class award to Mike Levine for superior whining and sniveling.

There was no wind at the last summer series event, and because Bob was the only one who knew there would be a race and actually started, he got the bullet.

Next Club meeting will be august 11 at BOB, keep in mind that a new slate of board members will be presented to the club for their consideration.

Deb Berlinger motions to adjourn, Perry Morris seconds, approved by the whoosh of people bolting \for the door.

Submitted for the glory of Bob.

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