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It's that time again!

Apr 2, 2019 by alexb

It's been a while since I posted a cheez-E-video productions clip. The time has cometh! Here are six full minutes of YAAAWN inspiring light-wind foil action, fat chicks on pretty bikes and drones from this past Saturday! Wait, that's pretty chicks on fat bikes. But there's more good news! Because of previous complaints about my private hosting serving videos slower than a 10mph breeze pushes a 4m wave rig, you can now view the video with no speed restrictions and all your privacy rights waived! No real editing was done, too lazy, but there are some cool shots.

I'll try embedding the video below:

And if that didn't work, here's a direct link https://youtu.be/jvx3bTbN_2g

And if that still didn't work, here's a pic


Date: 04/03/2019
From: alexb

Yeah, the drone wizzing around really surprised me. Then I saw something in the water and decided to take a closer look.
Date: 04/03/2019
From: fhawk

Cool face plant!
Date: 04/03/2019
From: fhawk

Cool face plant!

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