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Fall Classic Fleecing

Oct 16, 2018 by Chris Voith

I hope you guys are out of the dark and getting things back together... I imagine there's a lot of work still ahead for all. When you come up for air, let me know if you'd like a genUwine Fall Classic fleece. The post-Michael front cooled us down enough to try out this swell jacket and it's pretty toasty alright. PLUS, it has a drawstring at the waist to keep cooties out AND inside pockets to hide your stash! $30 covers my cost. I'll try to work out shipping in one box to minimize extra cost. Men's sizes S-XL. Large fits me @ 6'1" , 180 lbs. See photos at windsportatlanta.com. Please text me with your name and size to hold it for you. Chris 404-386-8505. Thanks ya'll. Take care down thare.


Date: 10/22/2018
From: Chris Voith

I've still got room in the shipping box for a few more, so Step Right Up! BobbyG has kindly consented to be the keeper of the fleeces. I'll post here again when they've be sent. 'preciatecha! Chris 404-386-8505

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